Can You Post to Instagram from Desktop?

Thinking about whether you can post to Instagram from the desktop? Presently YOU CAN! Ideal in the Instagram versatile application, yet on your PC. Just released today, May 9, 2017: Instagram versatile site. So, this means you can really run the versatile application, and transfer photos like on your telephone or tablet, ideal on your PC! This data came to me from Martin of I attempted it and it’s splendid!

  1. Go to on Chrome browser.
  2. Open Developer Tools by pressing Control+Shift+I at the same time.
  3. Overlook all the code. Tap the little versatile symbol at the top.
  4. Over the Instagram site, tap the word Responsive and choose a cell phone.
  5. Presently you can transfer a photograph and sort your inscription, ideal on your PC!
  6. Presently you can post to Instagram-appropriate from your PC – no outside tools required!
  7. Post photos from your PC specifically to with this easy hack.

Here are the features still inaccessible on the portable website:

  • Video uploads
  • Filters
  • Stories
  • Coordinate Messaging

Be that as it may, no worries on breaking any Instagram Terms of Use because you’re not using any outside tools. On the off chance that you need a scheduling highlight, take note of that Tailwind and Hootsuite are affirmed Instagram partners. Read more beneath.

10 Ways to Post to Instagram apk from Desktop with Scheduling You can’t schedule Instagram posts without an outsider instrument. Yet, you have numerous options! Just recollect that Instagram doesn’t permit uploads by means of their API, so these are workarounds. Look at them to see which will work best for you.

Instagram for PC methods underneath fall into 3 groups:

Schedulers that let you set up your posts and send you an update on your telephone.

Schedulers that set up your posts and afterward post for you through cell phones or emulators.

Emulators that enable you to post appropriately on your desktop.

Of these, the first gathering is unquestionably sanctioned by Instagram because you do the real posting from your own particular gadget.

The second gathering is not sanctioned by Instagram and could possibly get your record closed – however, three of them have revealed to me it’s never happened.

The third gathering is presumably okay with Instagram. I can’t promise it, however.

There are 3 more options in the event that you just need to get stuff from your PC to your cell phone for posting. You’ll discover those toward the finish of this post.

NOTE: Prices current at the time of composing yet are subject to change.

Why Would You Want to Use One of These Instagram Tools?

Instagram was made as a share-the-minute social media organizing. Its expectation was sharing moments as you’re encountering them. Be that as it may, it’s advanced and extended as new communities have come to love Instagram. With these tools:

  • Brands can keep a constant and cohesive presence.
  • Photographers can easily post dSLR photos from their PC.
  • Designers can use their most loved desktop tools and share on IG.
  • Videographers can alter on the desktop and share straightforwardly to Instagram.
  • The visually innovative can design a kick-ass profile page.
  • A couple imaginative options you can build when you design and schedule your Instagram account!
  • A couple imaginative options you can design when you design your Instagram account!
  • The tools that incorporate schedules enable you to design a consistent look to your record, as well as to post when you’re busy working – or even off-matrix.
  • The last gathering of tools allows you to post regardless of the possibility that you don’t possess a smart gadget. Or, on the other hand, use the new hack said toward the start of this post!
  • One genuinely new element of Instagram: Now you can open a record by means of – no requirement for a smart gadget.
  • Instagram Scheduling Tools That Send a Reminder to Your Phone
  • These tools aren’t without smartphone solutions. They send a suggestion to your cell phone at the time you scheduled your post. You still need a cell phone to finish the posting.

Reasons to use these tools:

  • Get images (and video with some) from PC to your telephone.
  • Plan a constant and cohesive presence.
  • Set a schedule and not overlook when to post.
  • Browser-based, and most have a versatile application version as well.

Likewise, HootSuite, SocialDraft, and ViralTag include:

  • Schedule your picture to other social networks at the same time.
  • Screen mentions of your image.
  • Generate analytics and reports.
  • Post to different accounts (number changed by design).
  • Work with colleagues (number differed by design).

TailWind App

TailWind’s natural Instagram Scheduler serves up a ton of awesome features, including the just-released Hashtag Finder.TailWind calls their service “The Most Intuitive Instagram Scheduler Available.” It serves up a considerable measure of extraordinary features, including the just-released Hashtag Finder.

Smart Schedule

Mass transfer on desktop

9 framework see

Deal with various Instagram accounts

Hashtag Finder

Easy regrams

Affirmed Instagram Partner

This one truly has all that you require – including an astonishing support group! I 💜 TailWind.

To sign up for a free TailWind trial, click here. Cost after the trial: $9.99 every month, paid yearly.


(glad to be a TailWind member!)


Need Instagram post ideas and an approach to make them, notwithstanding a scheduler? PromoRepublic offers every one of the 3.

Make stunning posts in seconds with 100,000+ handmade templates, ideas, and visuals.

To attempt PromoRepublic for nothing, click here.

Get Instagram post ideas, plus an approach to make AND schedule them, in PromoRepublic.


(glad to be a PromoRepublic subsidiary!)

A free desktop alternative for scheduling is You can transfer images and schedule your posts from desktop, and the images will be sent to your telephone.

It has a 2.5 star rating on the iTunes application store because of detailed bugs (latest version doesn’t have a star rating yet). Be that as it may, I know a couple of individuals who swear by it! Free version accessible for maybe a couple accounts. You can transfer video in the paid version. No mass transfer accessible.

One choice for scheduling Instagram posts is


CrowdFire’s Publish (once in the past called TakeOff) highlight allows you to schedule Instagram photos at the best suggested time to get the most likes and engagement with your photo. Or, then again choose to post immediately, or at once you specify.

Publish suggests hashtags to use. You can “include all” hashtags, yet most are unessential to your picture, so don’t.

There’s also an application for iOS and Android to schedule by means of your telephone. Free version accessible.

One alternative for scheduling posts to Instagram is CrowdFire Publish.


HootSuite is an inexpensive, full-highlighted social media administration apparatus, and the one I at present use. They’ve added Instagram scheduling to their lineup of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. HootSuite sends you a warning by means of the portable application, and you finish the genuine Instagram posting from your cell phone.

HootSuite includes loads of supportive record administration features. Look at how you can easily take after and connect with focused accounts, hashtags, and locations. Exceptionally useful – notwithstanding dealing with your own particular accounts.

As with TailWind, HootSuite is an authority Instagram Partner.

To sign up for a free 30 day trial of HootSuite Pro, click here. Current cost after trial: $9.99 every month, and up.



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