20 New WhatsApp Features Introduced and Spotted in 2017

WhatsApp is the most well known messaging application on the planet, used by more than 1.2 billion individuals worldwide and 200 million in India alone. Despite its success, the Facebook-possessed organization has not turned out to be careless and always keeps the opposition on its toes by releasing new features like clockwork. 2017, of course, saw the upgraded WhatsApp Status (an aping of Snapchat), yet there have been numerous other small updates this year that didn’t get as much consideration. From increased media sharing farthest point to video streaming, we investigate all the new WhatsApp features released this year alone. Download whatsapp for PC and get this new features. While going down this world of fond memories, we’ve positioned features in the request that we feel had the most effect (or will make, if in beta) in user encounter.

New WhatsApp Features:

1. New redid Snapchat-like Status highlight

Perhaps, a standout amongst the most imperative updates this year, the new Status highlight was taken off to all users all around in February. The new WhatsApp Status highlight supplanted the old content type of status to enable users to change their status to a short video or different photos that will consequently disappear in 24 hours. Despite the fact that this element was obviously acquainted with battle Snapchat rivalry, it upgraded the way users connected on the application day by day.

2. Media sharing limit increased to 30

This change is significant because WhatsApp is one of the essential platforms for media sharing after an occasion, get-together, or any social meeting where pictures and videos are taken. As far as possible was first at 10, and this increase to 30 was a much-needed development by all users. It was first spotted in Android beta in January, however, was later taken off on all platforms inevitably.

3. Review or Revoke highlight

This component is still not out in the stable version, but rather has been spotted on various occasions. It’s critical on a visit application because it lets you review sent messages. The element in the numerous possible forms it could arrive would enable users to review or “unsend” messages they have been sent to their contacts, or even alter them. The component was prior seen on iPhone beta version and was also spotted as of late on WhatsApp Web as well.

4. Two-step confirmation

This component was taken off in February to all users as a discretionary security highlight. With this component, users are presently ready to confirm their number when they install the application on another gadget all the more securely. Users should give a six-digit passcode (made by them using this component) while registering their telephone number with WhatsApp again – or any endeavor to check their telephone number through the application. To know how to set up two-step check, take after the step-by-step manage here.

5. All document sort transfer

The organization is slowly taking off support for a wide range of document transfers (counting archives) on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone with a predetermined number of users, evacuating any obstacle of record sharing on WhatsApp. This new element will now enable you to share video in a wide assortment of formats, MP3 songs, or even APK files so far as that is concerned on WhatsApp for iPad. The document sharing cutoff will still be at 128MB on iOS, 64MB on The Web, and 100MB on Android.

6. Capacity to line messages on iPhone

While WhatsApp had this capacity on Android for some time now, iPhone users at long last got it in January. This capacity to line messages notwithstanding when in areas of poor or no availability was a major miss for iPhone users, as it averted them to send messages at all in areas of the poor network. Presently, all users can just send a WhatsApp message to a gathering/individual notwithstanding when availability is inaccessible, and the message will be sent consequently once they get network once more.

7. Resurrection of Text Status

After the presentation of the new Status highlight, support for the old Text Status include was finished. This made an enormous hubbub among users, and the component was then brought back on prevalent request. The component is presently accessible for iPhone and Android users both.

8. Photograph Bundling, Video Streaming, Photo Filter features

WhatsApp acquainted some clever features with lift media sharing. This includes photograph packaging into a collection, video streaming, and photograph filters. The Photo Bundling highlight allows users to send photos and videos to your contacts as a collection. WhatsApp users would now be able to send a group of photos to their friends, who will get them packaged as a collection and not as some time recently, consistently. Once the collection is opened, all images are shown on a single page. The component is as of now accessible for iPhone users and is in beta for Android users.

The video streaming component was first spotted in Android beta, however, was taken off in the stable version to iPhone users first. This component allows its users to watch shared videos while they’re being downloaded out of sight. It will use your Wi-Fi or cell information to support a shared video, while it’s still in the downloading process out of sight. Prior, WhatsApp users needed to hold up until the point when a video gets totally downloaded to watch it – relying on WhatsApp auto-download setting.

As of late, WhatsApp also added the capacity to add shading filters to the media that you send in charts for iPhone users. Make a beeline for WhatsApp, go to the individual or gathering visit that you need to send the media to, capture or select a photograph, video, or GIF, and swipe up. Swiping up will haul out five photograph filters that you can choose from. These are Pop, B&W, Cool, Film, and Chrome, yet we anticipate that WhatsApp will include later on.

9. Night Mode, Quick Reply button, and capacity for Siri to peruse messages so anyone can hear

For iPhone users, WhatsApp as of late presented another night mode highlight for its camera for low-light photography. Interestingly, the Night Mode symbol appears as a matter of course just when the camera sensor detects low-light conditions, and not otherwise.

In April, WhatsApp also gave more abilities to Siri. Four key highlights incorporate – you can ask Siri to peruse out your latest messages; visual improvements to the Calls tab, Contact information, and Group data screens; capacity to select various statuses without a moment’s delay in the My Updates screen which you can forward and erase; and support for Persian dialect.

Another iPhone-just component was the Quick Reply highlight that enabled users to answer to an individual just by swiping appropriate on a specific content in chats. This answer shortcut is especially useful in bunch chats where you speak to different users on the double.

10. Visit improvements

To enhance the basic treatment of visit and the way you speak with the screen while talking, WhatsApp has made several tweaks this year. Most prominent are that Android users got another separate video call button and saw the migration of the connection button. Prior, the video calling highlight was covered up inside or assembled with the voice calling button, and one would need to tap twice keeping in mind the end goal to choose video ringing from a pop menu. The connection button was migrated to the base inside the content bar. You’ll now see the little connection include appropriate beside the camera symbol in the content bar. Outstandingly, the content bar excessively got another look with adjusted corners instead of the square-shaped box of old.

With the new Pinned Chats highlight presented in May for Android users, WhatsApp permitted stacking of up to three contacts on top of rest of the conversations. WhatsApp is also testing another component that lets you send different contacts on the double. Prior, users were restricted to send just one contact at once, yet now that point of confinement has been revoked. This component was spotted on Android beta and should take off for everybody soon.

Spotted in Android beta was also emoji search that brings the capacity to search for emojis based on keywords. This clever component was first possible through outside apps, however, now the capacity is going to the in-application console as well. There were also new textual style shortcuts spotted in beta for strong, italics, and strikethrough. This would expel the need to include a message inside asterisks while writing for making it strong, or sort phrase between underscores to stress.

11. Change Number and Live Location highlight

Lastly yet imperatively, WhatsApp was as of late answered to be testing another element on the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile stage that could make life less agonizing while changing your contact number. In attempting to ease the transition, it is testing an element that will tell your friends and family about your number change for you. The Live Location sharing element was also spotted on Android beta, implying that it will advance toward WhatsApp soon. This will presumably turn area sharing on as a broadcast – empowering contacts to see each other on a guide.



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